Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sound Bites From The Shark: Weekend Roundup

An ongoing assortment of the memorable things uttered by Sharky....

On Saturday morning we walked by a martial arts school where a large group of children, about Sharky's age, were in line, spinning and kicking, in unison to the orders of their instructor. Sharky stopped and watched with fascination. We have talked about putting him in such a class, so I asked him if he would like to be in a class like that some time:

Sharky: Well...no.
Me: You wouldn't?
Sharky: Well...because my friends in class might kill me, and that would hurt a lot.

Sharky takes his "Dr. Doom" doll and makes him strike the Spiderman figure I am holding.

Me (as Spiderman): Ahhh, that hurt Dr. Doom.
Sharky (as Dr. Doom): Sorry...(shrugs shoulders) I'm evil.

Sharky says goodbye to his grandfather, but at first declines to give him a hug. When his grandfather pretends to cry, Sharky comes over and gives him a hug. He then pats the shoulder of grampa (who has long white hair and a big bushy white beard), and says in a consolatory tone:

"You were a very good Santa Claus today."

More to come soon on our dalliances with the Seattle school district, or The Battle in Seattle as it is commonly known.

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